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Michael Schubert

Quality with a personal touch

Qualität mit der persönlichen Note


eingefleischter Vegetarier

By Michael Schubert | November 19, 2018

When I was discussing “untranslatable” German words and phrases with my students at MIIS Monterey, one of them suggested eingefleischter Vegetarier. That is indeed a tough one to reproduce! My best attempt is rabid vegetarian, since “rabid” alludes to the animalistic in the same way that “eingefleischt” does and introduces a similar (humorous) dissonance. Can … Continue reading eingefleischter Vegetarier

Die Elenden

By Michael Schubert | January 12, 2018

I recently finished all 1,462 pages of Les Misérables, which I began reading the day after Donald Trump was rejected by a majority of American voters and thereby elected President. I first read Les Misérables in my 20s, then again in my 30s (in German), and now again in my 50s. It is a tale … Continue reading Die Elenden